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Federal, State and Local

Lobby Registration and Reporting Management:

  • Provide filing calendars and send reminders for the jurisdictions in which you and/or your lobbyists are required to file.
  • Prepare and maintain individual and/or company registrations, amendments and terminations when you need them done, within the period prescribed by law and track lobbyist ethics training requirements.
  • Create jurisdiction-specific questionnaires for your registered and/or responsible individuals in order to draft the required reports and create a due diligence record.  These can either be for your use, or we can set up a system whereby we query and follow-up directly.
  • Draft the required reports based on questionnaire responses or review filings you draft.  We can also provide jurisdiction-specific filing instructions, such as online access or address and phone number and whether a due date refers to a postmark or "received by" deadline.
  • Arrange for and forward any applicable filing fees on your behalf.
  • Establish and monitor corporate and/or individual gift tracking and review programs.
  • Provide back-up files of documents required for record retention purposes.

Compliance Programs:

  • Review your existing system and make recommendations or create procedures tailored to your specific needs and budget.
  • Create and run training programs -- written, in person or by phone -- for the applicable individuals and jurisdictions.