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Our Clients

At Ward & Lawless LLC, we are proud to work with a variety of corporations, firms, associations and individuals to assist with their lobby and election law compliance needs.

Below is a sampling of some current and former clients. Please contact us for references specific and related to your needs.


Alvarado & Bennett | AmberWave Systems™ | Bolton-St. Johns, LLC™ | Central Michigan University | Creative Government Solutions, LLC™ | Deutsche-Lufthansa Aviation Group™ | DTS Solutions, LLC™ | Dumbarton Group and Associates, LLC™ | Guide Consulting Services, Inc.™ | Hershel Gober & Associates Inc.™ | Jim English Consulting, LLC™ | Josh Faber | Kensinger and Associates | KeyBank National Association™ | Law Office of Sarah C. von der Lippe | Linchpin Strategies, LLC™ | National Health Policy Group™ | OMB Professionals, Inc.™ | Polaris Government Relations, LLC™ | Ron Klink & Associates | Sonoran Policy Group, LLC™ | Tassey & Associates | The Harris Firm | Thomas Fortune Fay | West Penn Allegheny Health System™ | Xcel Energy™ | XOMA (US) LLC™