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Ward & Lawless LLC has a rare combination of regulatory, corporate and law firm experience unmatched in this field of service.  Our understanding of the real-life application of these laws gives us a full perspective of our clients’ struggles with deadlines, budgets, staffing and cultures.  We have been in your shoes, personally, and understand your fears and frustrations.  We are not attorneys; we are compliance specialists and we have reached a point in our careers where we are often consulted not only by clients but by regulators, law firms and other service providers for our practical knowledge of this unique work. 


Ward & Lawless LLC is not a law firm nor does it employ or retain any attorneys. The communications or services provided by Ward & Lawless LLC are not prepared, endorsed or reviewed by any form of licensed legal professional, including but not limited to an attorney. No communication of Ward & Lawless LLC should be taken as legal advice. You are encouraged to consult with a licensed attorney/lawyer for all legal questions or matters.

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